Top 3 Lip Balm Products

If you live in a dry climate especially in the winter, your lips will suffer being dry and chapped. It is not always easy to find a lip balm product that will keep your lips moisturized all day.

Over the years I have tried several lip balm products only to be disappointed. Sometimes you just need a little moisture that you can wear all throughout the day. An extra bonus to those products that offer moisturization having a slight tint too.

Most of the claims made by products guarantee that your lips will not chap and that they will stay smooth all the day long. So I set out to find out if those claims were true.

From what I have found, organic is the best way to go. I compiled a list of the Top 3 Lip Balm Products that I have found to last all day, are hypoallergenic, moisturize and are closest to being all natural.

Coming in third place is Burt’s Bees. It is made from natural products and comes in many different flavors and tints. My favorite is passion fruit which goes on silky smooth. This one will have to be reapplied several times throughout the day.

Second place is Vaseline. Vaseline is a product that everyone knows well and uses in one form or another.

My number one choice is Evolution of Smooth (EOS lip balm)which offers products that are organic and lasts all day. Not only that, but they taste and smell good too. Visit their website

EOS lip balm known for their uniquely designed sphere shaped containers, have multiple flavors to choose from keeping your lips moisturized all day long. I find that I do not have to reapply that often because it feels as though I do not have anything on. For that reason I love EOS and recommend it; that is why they made number one on my Top 3 List. For more info, check out their Facebook page.

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