Upwork Helps Users With To-Do Lists

Upwork is a popular freelance work platform. It was founded in 2015, after being previously named Elance-oDesk. The site allows users clients to post projects and assignments, and for users to bid against other users for work. It’s widely regarded as one of the best online platforms to secure freelance work. Upwork recently republished a blog post from the website ClickUp about 10 ways to work through one’s to-do list.


Starting at the top, ClickUp first suggests to “capture everything.” That way you won’t forget anything or lose the thought. On that line of thinking, he also suggests to create the list the night before. This allows for you to get a head start the following morning when you are feeling the most productive. It’s also equally important to have everything on a single list and pick priorities. Unexpected events or time issue are bound to come up throughout the day, so its important to have an idea of what the most important tasks are.


As time goes by, whether hours or days, its important to keep re-evaluating your list. Sometimes a task needs to get done sooner, rather than later. At the same time, some tasks may just not need to be done anymore. It’s also important to remember that some tasks can be broken down into smaller tasks. A smart way to handle tasks can be doing them in batches. If they involve something similar or have a connection, then why not do everything at once. Finally, make sure to use the appropriate amounts of energy for each task and plan accordingly.


Everyone uses to-do lists at some point in their lives, but people vary in how efficient they are about completing the list of tasks. The Upwork article from ClickUp provides a strong range of tips on how to use, plan, and complete a to-do list. At the end of the day, its the best way to keep your life organized and moving forward.