Various Features Of ClassDojo

The learning app ClassDojo is considered cool by the students. Hence they love to use it! Besides, they wish to show their parents what all they are learning and doing at school. ClassDojo allows them to do just that and much more. Now teachers, students as well as parents are working together in order to make the time of students in school worth each minute.

Due to these reasons, ClassDojo is being used actively in 90% of the K-8 schools in the US alone. Besides, it is being used in 180 countries besides the US. Among the US kids aged 5-14, Growth Mindset and Empathy has been learned by 1 among 3 kinds through ClassDojo. Due to its popularity, it has been translated into over 35 languages. Its popularity is also due to the fact that 20% of the team that has created it comes with a teaching background.

It is making a huge difference in the classroom. This is where the teachers, as well as students, build the classroom culture. This is done by choosing skills as well as values. It will include creativity and teamwork. Besides, ClassDojo helps to share the progress with each other. This is why classroom is where teachers and students are building an incredible classroom culture.

ClassDojo allows teachers, parents, as well as school kids, to message each other instantly. There is no need to share phone numbers or their contact details with each other. It is possible to translate these messages into 35 different languages. The teachers can set “Quiet Hours” too when they would not be available for the parents.

There are stories being created here. This is done by updating streams of pictures as well as videos from the day at school on an instant basis. This story can be shared with parents at home.