Vijay Eswaran Supports Emerging Entrepreneurs

Eswaran is a prominent Malaysian entrepreneur who doubles as a philanthropist, author and business leader. Also serving as the head cheerleader of QI Group of Companies, he leads the conglomerate that oversees real estate, education and other viable businesses across more than thirty countries.

Background Information

Growing up in the monarchical state of Malaysia, Eswaran was brought up by a very modest family of well-educated parents. To support this family, he worked as a taxi driver. This is clear indication that he did not have the luxury to enjoy youth like his peers. With the proceeds he made from the taxi business, he funded his college education in London where he majored in accounts and business administration. Shortly after graduating, he landed a job working as systems manager for more than one company in South-East Asia. He extended his services across North America as well.

Establishing QNET

In 1998, the Asian financial crisis had a negative impact on several businesses. Eswaran took advantage of the situation by creating a direct-selling firm that utilized a revolutionary amalgamation of e-commerce that became QNET. In one year, the company joined some of the state’s supporters of connecting emerging entrepreneurs. Until now, the company has expanded its operations in Africa and South-East Asia.

Supporting Emerging Business Professionals

While Vijay Eswaran is into business and garnering extensive profits, he also values the well being of people who aspire to succeed in business. For entrepreneurs especially, he involves himself with V-Convention, one of the industry’s motivational as well as training and networking programs that accommodates up to 15,000 upcoming entrepreneurs and project managers.

Diversifying Business

Over the years, Ewaran diversified his business welfare by establishing QI Group of Companies that oversees several business units in real estate, hospitality, education ans retail industries. For him, leadership the success of these businesses is attributed to excellent leadership. However, he is not just a leader in business as he dedicates most of his time to help the less fortunate by sharing 10% of his revenue with them.

Helping Business Professionals

In helping entrepreneurs across the world, Eswaran addresses different audiences including Indian business professionals, Malaysian entrepreneurs, and Singapore and South African business leaders. In such functions, he is graced with several slots to share his mantra for success.

Life Lessons from Eswaran

Eswaran has been through tremendous transitions in life. Growing up in difficulties, he did not allow the impending challenges to get in his way. Instead, he utilized the resources around him to achieve success in real estate. As such, he advises people to cultivate useful virtues in life.

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